really need

Food for thought: I have a question for you.

When I ask you: What do you really need? How would you reply?

If coaching for more than ten years is any indication, answers would be all over the map. Would include things like a new sweater, a spa day, world peace. A better relationship with your spouse, a parent or child.

Likely not one person would reply with what truly relieves, fulfills and centers us like no other.

By that I mean the act of giving yourself PERMISSION for what you have been keeping from yourself.

Given that most of us tend to bury or deny air to that thing we know deep inside we want THE MOST, this is a fertile question to ponder, not to put off for another day.

In this season of giving gifts to others, the act of giving permission to yourself to go for what you want is the gift you can give yourself that keeps on giving.

What do you need permission for? I’d love to know if you’d like to tell me.


GG’s November Favs

Video: Marsha Shandur’s Keynote at World Domination Summit (2019), Taming the Beast As a coach, I spend a whole lot of time taming inner critics to align authentic strengths with more optimal work identities This video has become a new top pick for getting to the heart of the matter. Funny delivery, accessible and actionable, this presentation is now in my swipe file for clients.

Saying: Silenzia Bruno! A catchy phrase that catches on in the delightful animated film, Luca, by Pixar Animation Studios. AKA, telling the Inner Critic to get outta the way, I’m going for it!

Blog Post: Holiday movies and sentimental songs often describe idealized versions of family holiday gatherings. In truth, personalities and perspectives must be navigated with care–for others and for ourselves. This popular post from the archives will help you do just that.

Book: The Lincoln Highway, Amor Towles. I could not imagine how Towles’ third book could possibly put me under his spell again, following the joy of reading his previous books, A Gentleman in Moscow and Rules of Civility. He did it again.

Show: Only Murders in the Building on Hulu, starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. A highly enjoyable comedy about murder.

Meditation App: Insight Timer (free and for fee). Whether it’s a one-off or daily practice, finding a style of meditation that suits you is key. I’ve been using this one for most of this year. No need to be good at it. Whether you’re a novice or a newbie, meditation offers a chance to notice, slow down, soften, and open to possibilities.

Exhibit: Girls: It’s Complicated, at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, Washington, D.C. A must-see if you’re in the city. The historical perspective will make you want to weep and acknowledge how far (some) women have come in the U.S.

Travel Fantasy: Portugal is one of the best places in the world for digital nomads and remote workers. Portugal has made it illegal for your boss to send you a text after work hours. Portugal’s Minister of Labor and Social Security said that the law is intended to improve work-life balance and attract more fully remote workers. – The Daily Brew, 11/11/21

Quote: It’s better to rest than to climb the wrong mountain.” – James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

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