Ever find yourself saying, “Why aren’t I doing what I SAY I want to do? Why do even small things require mega effort? Is it just me? What’s the secret to getting important stuff done in these challenging times?”

One of the things that we don’t talk about enough is how difficult it is to pinpoint priorities and take intentional action on them in times (years!) of protracted distraction and loss. And no, it’s not just you.

This is a time of great resignation from jobs and migration in our society–a time to reimagine work and life.

Do you wonder how progress is made to identify your passion and act on something that matters?

I’ve got a Client Case Study to Show What’s Possible

When Claire came to me for coaching, she was in-between jobs. She was looking to find her career passion, pivot from a current career path, and replace the former source of income by pursuing something she was passionate about.

She knew what she did not want to do but not what she wanted. By the time she completed My Leading True Coaching Program 12 sessions later, she was a solopreneur with an online business.

This is a short summary, told with Claire’s permission, to illustrate what’s possible when time and energy are harnessed for good.

Take Stock

Claire is a highly educated and experienced registered nurse. Her most recent position was in contract work, remotely advising patients. Although she enjoyed the nursing field, she was no longer happy at work.

To Reinvent Your Career, Move the Focus Inward

Claire had become accustomed to focusing externally. What her program and others expected her to do and what others with similar experience were doing. She had been consuming information from self-help books and podcasts but stopped short of applying what she learned.

She began to set aside time to reflect–her choices were meditation and hikes in nature.

Going inward helped reveal how she wanted to feel about the work she did. We examined what kept getting in the way. Things like setting too-high expectations, pleasing others, self-judgment, and limiting beliefs were keeping her from seeing a bigger frame for what was possible.

She started to manage negative thoughts with new tools, concepts, and a powerful reason WHY that fueled her through discomfort and not-yet-knowing. She started to get clues of what felt meaningful and knew she wanted to make the most of her passions and core competencies.

Ask “What Is True?”

The brain’s tendency is to see problems and areas of deficiency. Until we learn to manage it.

Too often, the tendency is to overvalue what others have and undervalue our own strengths and competencies.

Turns out, Claire was undervaluing what she brought to the table.

Objective data help us to see ourselves more clearly. A powerful assessment revealed her conative inclinations (what she takes to doing naturally). It validated her natural strengths to systematize, specify, and educate.

Accountability and Dedication

Claire began with accountability to me as her coach. With field assignments that stretched her in new ways. Within a short time, she transferred that accountability to herself, taking leaps of faith and using daily practices that supported her inquiry and progress. Through trial and error, she learned where to place focused attention. What to repeat or discard. To celebrate wins and show up for herself day after day.

Renewal of Spirit and Creating Impact that Matters

In Claire’s words, she entered coaching with very little insight into how to find out what it is she was passionate about. My prior career was very formulaic and involved little thought and self-discovery. I never considered what it was I am truly passionate about. I realize I have value in the space of mentoring new nurse practitioners who are transitioning into practice. From this discovery, I created an online business, NP for NPs. I’m my own boss and am creating what I love.

I’m so excited for Claire, and all my clients, who are in it to find their way to shine and share their gifts with the world.

A Cohesive Strategy Leads to Living a New Story

Even in a pandemic, making a positive change doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting or struggle.


It does mean things like …

  • developing tolerance (enthusiasm, even!) for not knowing
  • getting curious about what else is possible
  • asking for support, valuing experience and trusting yourself to move beyond the doubt
  • saying no more than saying yes.
  • making self-care, self-love and daily positive practices part of the deal

What can you leverage from Claire’s journey in service of your own?

Book News

My memoir, Carrying My Father’s Torch, touches on topics of family secrets, resilience and hope for a brighter future.

If you haven’t read my book, it is available for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited–for free download. For those who love to listen to books, I channeled “my inner Michelle Obama” to record the Audiobook.

This ask feels awkward and your continued support of my book means a lot. If you have read it, please consider leaving a review now on Amazon. I did not realize before I became an author how much these reviews matter. Also, please consider asking your local librarian to order the book. They are happy to oblige.

I closed out 2021 with an unusual virtual audience–my husband’s high school alumni group! It was interesting to say the least, to be in the company of an ex-girlfriend and childhood friends I heard about over the years.

I am booking talks for 2022. Please invite me to speak with your book club, women’s group or organization.

GG’s Monthly Picks

What I’m reading: Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr. Epic tale spanning thousands of years and told in 5 stories. As always, Doerr’s commitment to character development is monumental. Through fiction, he manages to underscore the urgency of human kindness, concern for future generations and the planet.

Song I’m listening to: I Love Me by Meghan Trainer.

Form of movement I’m stretching into: Yoga. Before the pandemic I went to a once-a-week to power yoga class at the gym. Recently, our daughter got me back on the mat (and how fun to do it together, although what she can do and what I can do are at opposite ends of the yogic spectrum). Pumping and pedaling are now supplemented by being a beginner, again, and in a mindful way.

Show I’m streaming: I Love Saul on Netflix. Late to this one, I know. It’s a dark and dastardly, heartwarming and heart-wrenching look at family dynamics and human nature.

Someone who’s inspiring me: Strength Trainer Daniel McKenna of Peloton, leads me through a weight regimen with an Irish lilt, wit and concise instruction that have me forgetting about time and all those reps.

Quote I’m pondering: “People often think it’s weird to get hyped about reading one page or meditating for one minute or making one sales call. But the point is not to do one thing. The point is to master the habit of showing up. The truth is, a habit must be established before it can be improved. If you can’t learn the basic skill of showing up, then you have little hope of mastering the finer details. Instead of trying to engineer a perfect habit from the start, do the easy thing on a more consistent basis. You have to standardize before you can optimize.” -James Clear, Atomic Habits

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Whether you are starting, restarting, or just where you want to be, I hope you’ll find something that sparks your curiosity. Try one or two action items to nourish and sustain your efforts in 2022.