Your Favorite Blog Posts of 2017

Gathering up your favorite posts and wrapping them up with a flourish. This will be the last post for 2017.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog posts throughout the year.

People often ask me, how do you come up with fresh content? How to you click “publish” on a consistent basis?

If you told me when I started sharing my written words in the world that I would continue to come up with content and publish it on a relatively consistent basis, I wouldn’t have believed it. At that time, I was challenged to put words on paper. I was in search of “perfect words.” I was unsure if what I wrote would “land” for people who needed to hear it. It felt like a HUGE risk.

I know the challenges you are facing when you contemplate making a change, taking a stand. The yearning is deep. Fear sounds its foghorn, especially as we head into a brand new year. I know it is a big stretch to imagine that you, too, can transform your perspective about what is possible, to be more, do more of what you want and still pay your bills.

I encourage you to allow your dream into the light. Even when it seems impossible. Especially when it feels impossible. So many things are possible. I know. I help to activate bold, stimulating experiences every day.

Take Intentional Action With The Best Blog Posts of 2017

1. How to Declutter Fast Using These 7 Easy Tips

2. Find A New Book To Read!

3. Finding the Real Essence of Authentic Career Discovery

4. 3 Stunning Secrets to Becoming More Powerful

5. Awesome Guided Meditations Coaches Love

SO TELL ME. What’s your favorite post of the year? ​Why is it a favorite?

I love to hear from you in the comments and by email!

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