We get to this time of year and often wonder: How can we be better going forward than we were the year before?

I have a simple hack to help set yourself up for that.

Draw a number line that goes from 1-10. Where would you place your instinct to recognize opportunities? What about your instinct to recognize potential obstacles? Do not turn away (or judge) if your number-from-the-gut is a 3 or 5 or less. Spotting opportunity is a cultivation of practice and usually requires a pivot. It’s available to you to raise that number and have more impact than you now believe is possible. Becoming aware of any disparity is the first step. Join me for a free 30-minute strategy call in January if getting out of your head, letting go of distractions and becoming clear on what you want next is what you want.

Please take time to review the year that’s almost one for the books and set clear intentions for 2022. What follows are some of my favorite ways to do this.

My Gift to You – Year-End Assessment to Go Big in 2022

I created to guide expansive goals and leaps in achievements for my coaching clients, here is the Year-end Assessment Gift for you. Set aside time to get real about what worked and what didn’t, keep what’s serving you, and ditch what’s not. Master Coach Thomas Leonard put it this way: Reduce what you are tolerating and make a clean sweep. Like decluttering or rearranging a room, except it applies to your attention and energy.

How to Choose Your Word of the Year: Name it to Claim it

Why choose a Word of the Year? It helps us set an intention, which helps us keep how we want to be and how we want to feel, top of mind.

I post my word on a sticky note above my desk and incorporate it into my Vision Board for the new year. I aspire to integrate what it means to me, to enlarge how I show up.

My word for 2022 is IMPACT. For me, it folds in qualities of connection, creativity, courage, visibility, collaboration, trust. It’s leading with my best self, taking exquisite care of myself and others, meeting people where they are, and helping bring about difficult transformations.

Use my Guide to Choose your Word of the Year. I’m curious what word has meaning for you.

Blog round-up – Immediate Access to Popular Posts from 2021

Looking for a resource to boost motivation and positive change, with tools you can use? Here is your key to my Blog Archives.

Please remember: There is no award for living small. Prioritize your wellness. Nourish and find outlets for your authentic spirit.

Can’t wait to welcome 2022 with you!

How can I help you in 2021? As always, I welcome your input and love to hear from you.

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