Let’s Define Your Vision And Make A Positive Change

Do you need help driving next-stage business success?

Maybe it’s a matter of not knowing how to get there from here.

No worries.

I’ve worked with corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial professionals for over 20 years. I draw from a deep well of expertise, a trio of rigorous credentials and a proven track record of results to help you accelerate a positive career change and achievement with confidence and ease. I know exactly what it takes to get you where you want to go.

One-on-One Coaching with Gail will help you find your path to Leading True.

I’m so happy you’re here. Because it means you want to create a compelling road map for your next chapter to bring your passion to the forefront of your career.

My clients are smart, dedicated high-achievers who discover that others’ expectations or circumstances have taken over their own intentions for years. Their careers look amazing from the outside, yet they describe being in a rut or unfulfilled on the inside.

One-on-One Coaching is the fastest, most sustainable way I know to get clear, confident and moving with renewed purpose.

I work with people motivated by a deep desire to define and express what they stand for, and in the process, put it in to the hands and hearts of others. I will show you to yourself as you want to be and hold that space for you…until you see it too.

Explore the packages that I offer:

Elevate is for you if things are generally going well but you have some disconnects or stuck places that deserve attention. We’ll dive right in to what’s keeping you from completing the important work you want to do and experiment with new patterns that invite more ease and visible opportunities.

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This package is ideal for those looking for a highly transformational experience with a coach-mentor and for those going through their own coaching certification. This is also an excellent package to learn how to discover and live your legacy now–with more awareness, purpose and results than ever before.

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A whole day devoted to you and your what’s next career decisions. Perfect for those who want an in-depth, accelerated approach that results in intentional, stretch decisions for leading-your-way with greater impact and fulfillment.

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This is for RETURNING CLIENTS who would like to jump back in for a few sessions of partnership to sort out a current challenge and reveal new possibilities. Starts at: $850

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Coaching might be just what you need.

The expertise and accountability of coaching might be just what you need to move forward in your career.

The first step is to schedule a free consultation where we talk for about 30 minutes and you tell me what’s going on and how I might be able to help. To get set up, send me an email. We’ll talk about what you want and how to jumpstart action with next steps.

Gail met me where I live and play, with a customized and flexible approach, valuable assessments and practical strategies. I was stuck in the same job for so long that I’d become pessimistic, disappointed and immobilized. I needed structure and a clear vision forward. Within six weeks, I was taking powerful steps toward a new and highly compelling vision of my career. – Elliot S.

I’m looking forward to helping you get clear and take action on what’s most meaningful to you.

Fantastic, now let’s get your sparkle on – I’m excited to meet you. Let’s get started!

I invite you to schedule a free strategy session to see if we're a good fit.

It’s a chance to address any questions you have about working together. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas, a mini field assignment and are under no obligation.


How do you know if coaching with me will work? That’s a valid question. I’m a highly trained, experienced coach and have been guiding high-achieving service industry leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs to experience “success on their terms” for a long time. Once we greenlight our partnership, I take all the risk! With utmost confidence and integrity, I extend to you GG’s Happiness Guarantee:

I guarantee if you show up motivated, with an open mind and heart, and do all the customized field assignments, you will have the tools you need to activate accelerated decision-making to identify and reach your stated goals. If you hit your mark ahead of schedule or are not satisfied with a session, all you need to do is tell me by email within 48 hours of your session and your investment will be happily refunded.