new year resolutions

New Year’s resolutions don’t work. For positive, sustainable change in career and life design, use this technique instead.

What’s the best way to recalibrate life and business success in a new year filled with fresh possibilities? I wish I knew the answer because clearly it’s on a lot of people’s minds.

Some will say it’s about making resolutions. I rant against making resolutions because they overwhelmingly do not result in positive, sustainable change. I believe in setting a clear intention instead.

As a coach and consultant who has been in the business of co-creating positive change with individuals and organizations, I have noticed people struggling with one quest above the rest: How do I shift from efforts to keep up (ie, with others’ expectations, social comparisons, status quo) to practices of building up (ie, sense of adventure, drive from within, relationships)?

This is a worthy question with a strong likelihood of desirable change occurring when paired with high motivation and clarity, expert support and accountability.

Would you like to know a simple-yet-powerful, do-it-yourself practice I activate with each New Year?

I share my simple practice as a way to begin.

I choose ONE WORD to anchor attention and pull me forward.

My word for this year is “ALLOW.”

Why did I choose this word? I aspire to enhance the ability to attract, receive and relish opportunities to stretch in relationships, adventure, leadership, innovation, service and spirituality.

How did I choose my word? In some ways, I am already experiencing this word, deliberately seeking experiences and people outside my known-zone, including experimentation with feng shui and energy healing. The zing of expanding awareness and ways to approach my life has me wanting more of that.

Whether you’re looking to make some big changes in 2015 or you’re going for some tweaking, pick a word that inspires and resonates with you.

Choose one word for the New Year. It’s a signpost to stay true to you. [Tweet “Choose one word for the New Year. It’s a signpost to stay true to you. “]

Perhaps you already know your word. Writing it down and posting it where you see it often helps it stick and makes it more likely to be accessible.

By getting quiet and going within, we can better identify what is meaningful to us. Resistance to change softens, inclination to keep moving forward beckons, when we are able to keep our focus on the larger vision of what is important.

To get started, get quiet and free yourself from distraction. Play with words on paper that reflect an aspirational state of being and doing for you.  Imagine your word as an infusion of elements that are validating and expansive. Choose one highly resonant word as a signpost. There is no right or wrong answer and other words can support the one word.  This is a valuable creative exercise for your right brain. For left brain balance, apply your one word to essential business planning tools.

Once you have your word, use it to navigate all aspects of your life. You’ll notice feeling more spacious, confident and courageous as you go about making choices.

If 2014 was a tough year for you, I believe that whatever you witnessed or experienced has the capacity to make you more compassionate and connected to yourself and others. I appreciate all that you’ve been through.

If you have used a word-of-the-year in the past, what was your experience?

If you are choosing ONE WORD to pull you forward in 2015, what is it? Tell us on the Facebook Page.

Honoring the Call to Shift

Perhaps you are looking to make a shift too? Are you feeling a tug to bring more of you to your life or career? Remember, tugs are your soul’s longings asking you to listen and bloom in the direction of your yearning. Use your word as a signal to bypass the temptation to settle for keeping up, when you are best served by building up.

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