Client Testimonials

I really appreciate how Gail challenged me and provided a sense of calmness. She was supportive, yet provoked me to get uncomfortable and challenge myself. She listens deeply and helps me understand what I am trying to say in a bigger context. She provided so much clarity helped me to navigate challenging work situations. – Tanya M.

Gail helped me navigate through my so-called unsolvable problems. With absolute certainty, my coaching sessions help me figure out what I wanted to do next and land the perfect position. She makes the job search light, more interesting and less painful. The discussions she initiates during sessions are very insightful and not only help with specific career goals, but also ripple into other aspects of life. She worked gently yet tenaciously to empower the best in me. – Latitia P.

Gail met me where I live and play, with a customized and flexible approach, valuable assessments and practical strategies. I was stuck in the same job for so long that I’d become pessimistic, disappointed and immobilized. I needed structure and a clear vision forward. Within six weeks, I was taking powerful steps toward a new and highly compelling vision of my career. - Elliot S.

I was fuzzy and fearful about getting there, about how, if ever, I would reach my goal of leading from the C-Suite. My confidence had all but disappeared. What’s changed for me with coaching? Within a few sessions, the fierce questions asked of me set off an amazing light bulb, forced me to surpass what I would do on my own. I am thankful for you getting me to this place of clarity and excitement for the open road ahead. – Tanya P.

After over two decades working with the same firm, it was time to pursue another career. My goal in hiring an executive coach was to identify a plan, and put steps into action to assume a new position. I developed an instant connection with Gail and really liked her methodology that helped me identify the next career I wanted and take necessary steps to put it into action. She empowered me to take on challenges that I would have shied away from in the past and guided me to appreciate all that I have accomplished, and approach my new career with confidence and excitement. – John W.

Gail was highly recommended by a friend. After meeting her, I felt quite positive that she could help guide me through a career transition. She is a very creative and positive person who is supportive and also challenges one to move forward. She is quite experienced in this type of consulting and can draw on this experience to customize a program for different individuals in different circumstances. I highly recommend her. – Joel G.

Gail helped me develop a clear vision of what I was looking for during an especially difficult time. Working with her renewed my confidence to pursue a major position that ultimately I was offered and accepted. Her insight, experience, and knowledge was and is invaluable in sorting through the clutter that takes over our lives to see what is possible. Gail makes you feel that she is in the moment with you as you are experiencing it – making her a partner as well as a guide. I highly recommend Gail as not just a career coach, but as a life coach. She put new meaning into how iDecide! – June F.

Coaching with Gail gave me the opportunity to be courageous enough to discover that I have the ability to create a career opportunity that aligns with my core values. The safe and supportive environment allowed me to discover what was holding me back from taking action and what I truly wanted (and deserved) in a career at this point in my life. I am in a really, really good place….and you, Gail, are a big, big part of that. – Jeff W.
Coming to coaching for the first time, I thought you’d be pushing me like a football coach. I had no idea that your questions would produce such deep insights and pull (versus push) me to FINALLY improve my situation, take away my ache and find joy in in its place. – Stacy J.
Gail has a wonderfully deep repertoire of talents and valuable resources to help my financial business grow. I’m earning more. I’m a better business owner, manager and father. I am a happier person through our work together. If you want to take your business to the next level, I HIGHLY recommend engaging Gail as your executive coach. You’ll be glad you did. – Dan J.
Gail helped me define who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do post-retirement as Director in a global corporation. She provided compassion, expertise and guidance, along with effective tools and techniques to help me manage a major life change. I learned how silence my “inner critic” and always hear her voice saying, “You’ve got this!” Thank you, Gail, for all your wisdom and encouragement! – Roxanne U.
I was in a bad way when I decided to try coaching. I’d been looking for a way out of my old company for a year. I found a better job in a more positive workplace within three weeks of working with Gail! Thanks for helping me reach my vision, Gail! -Lana T.
Gail is an inspiring coach who is filled with such generosity and love. Her energy makes you excited while her truth creates a safe place to journey into the places you do not want to go to bring about growth. She is a talented coach who will not only challenge you but be with you every step of the way. – Amara B.
Gail has been my coach for 6 months, and it has felt so good to be held by her focused, warm, powerful care. She puts me at ease with her easy laughter and enthusiasm for my success and opens doors within me to notice, experience and acknowledge my life. She is helping me on many levels: on the concrete level, to develop my own coaching brand positioning; on an internal level, to build a positive relationship with myself and others, become more visible, and be in the moment. – S. Lory
Gail is a natural-born coach and so encouraging. Talking with her moves me to take action. The new tools and perspectives from our conversations and the Transform newsletter have had a tremendous effect on the way I’ve started taking charge of my life. – Orna B.
I find after a coaching session with Gail a renewed sense of determination. Between coaching sessions, I feel like she is with me. I am easily able to tap into the energy and support I gain during our sessions. – Debra S.
I came to the coaching experience with very little idea of what to expect, but in just a few sessions, Gail and I were exploring ideas, habits and self-searching practices that opened my eyes and my life to changes I didn’t even realize I craved… She helped me to define and examine key priorities in my life, and subsequently challenged me to make concrete changes that reflected those priorities. During the short time I worked with Gail, I gained invaluable tools and guiding principles that will serve me the rest of my life. – Sarah M.
Gail is wise, compassionate and inspirational. She opened my eyes wide to perspectives beyond where I was when we began coaching. I’m now much better at taming my inner critic. – Deborah W.
Gail’s coaching helped boost confidence in my coaching and myself. Her ability to connect with me where I was expanded my possibilities and was key in shaping who I want to be and what I want to bring to my role as a coach. – Melissa M.
I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions. Gail has been a wonderful coach who strengthened my confidence in reaching my goals. I’ve learned to take in new perspectives on issues, value my feelings, and use effective techniques to deal with stress. Thank you so much Gail for our time together! – Katy J.
Coaching with Gail opened the door to success I did not believe was possible. I have literally gone from fear to free! I am more effective and less stressed at work. I started dating, exercising again and moved to a new home. Gail reconnected me with my priorities and let me see it was time to let go of outdated beliefs that kept me from getting what I wanted. – Mary F.
I definitely got what I came for: I learned how to be more “present” with my husband and children and that has made all the difference. – Sandy W.
Gail keyed right in on my joy about a passion I’d nearly buried…I realized how much I’m not doing for myself, and that’s why I’m here. – Susan F.
I am very grateful to Gail for helping me so much along the way to coaching certification. She gave me such a feeling of confidence in myself and in my coaching abilities.   I was able to break down issues I was procrastinating about into small, manageable, but really exciting steps.  I feel empowered to stretch myself and try new projects as a result. – Eliza K.

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Dynamic Workshops

The seminar was so upbeat, the coach is a great motivational speaker. I finally took action on the next step on my career path! – Diane F.
Gail’s “What’s Next” Seminar provided extremely useful information and practical tips. The small group format was great for giving everyone a chance to participate and support each other. I am finally pursuing a writing goal I’d put on hold with tools I took from the seminar. – Charlotte W.
Gail understood my overwhelm and previously unquestioned “stories” I’d tell myself that kept me from moving ahead. She helped me to break my goals into smaller steps and how to affirm my strengths daily. I now believe I can achieve what I really want. – Randi M.
I came into Gail’s teleclass with the sense that my life was going to change, and I had no idea how I was going to manage finding a job, getting divorced, and my son going off to college.  I thought the workshop had been created just for me. Gail’s toolbox of how to approach a major life change got all of us acting and serving ourselves better. – Charlotte S.
I review and use my notes from your teleseminar all the time.  Terrific class! – Patti C.

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Your latest newsletter has me totally gripped. Your words resonate deeply with me. You provide great questions to ponder and it helps me realize what I need for myself, to actually hear it and not push it away. Thank you for doing what you do…please don’t stop! – Caroline C.
The Gail’s newsletter gives me the tools and inspiration I need to stand in my power and not sell myself short. – Becky R.
Just read your recent post as I was avoiding thinking about all of the things I don’t want to do around the house this weekend!! Your authenticity and loving suggestions inspired me to pick a few things and hold them lightly – and make them fun!  Thanks! – Evy S.
First class!!! What a wonderful issue. It brings so many things to mind and really inspires me. Awesome! – Rochelle L.

Career Coaching Case Studies

Figure Out Your Next Career Move [Case Study]

Figure Out Your Next Career Move [Case Study]

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