There are 587,217 ways you can switch gears from season to season. This now means making the transition from summer to fall.

You can think thoughts, make more lists. You can aim for the moon or retrace the same steps in circles. You can amp up networking, workshopping, classes, reading, gardening, walking, getting productive. You can stand on a street corner and hold up a sign that says, “I need to make a change, tell me HOW.”

Not exactly a lack of options, right?

It’s very easy to fall for the allure of new, shiny, oodles of options.

And herein lies the rub.

Much like trying to nab all the cookies at once from a cookie jar. The mission falls short as our hand will not make it out the neck of the jar with all the cookies, most will fall, crumble through our fingers.

Good news is, though we can’t take it all with us, we don’t have to leave it all behind. In 5 Things Vacation Teaches Us, you can discover how to savor summer delight and relish a more rigorous fall schedule.

The start of a new season is an ideal time to reflect on what objectives, habits, and routines are, and aren’t, serving you in your career and in your life.

Reflecting On Career And Life

What are 3 common yet derailing obstacles to get wise to?

I’m going to tell you three biggies that stop wise high achievers in their tracks, keep them from getting the results they crave, until they learn to recognize, release and take intentional action.

1. Too many options.

Lists that are runaway trains. Promises made and stowed in the mind or between journal covers. Action steps and goals, whole visions buried on a computer page, hidden from view. Trying too many new things at once, going deep on none. This trap results in overwhelm, procrastination, paralysis.

Sound like you?

Try to simplify, mercilessly simplify. Focus on 2-3 KEY achievements or changes you would like to make this quarter.

2. Too little structure.

Find yourself resisting structure? Picture driving to the Grand Canyon without a map. You may end up there but chances are you’ll end up in a place like Pittsburgh or Milwaukee instead. Same goes for goals. Not prioritizing, scheduling or measuring results? How’s that working out?

Sound like you?

Structure is a foundation for success. And there’s no one way to “do” structure. Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Not fitting priorities into your day? Try putting non-negotiable activities on a schedule the night before. Not a fan of planning your day on a calendar? Try drawing a mind map instead. It is possible to warm up to the structure once you discover ways that melt resistance and work for you.

3. Zero accountability.

You have project deadlines, customer expectations at work. Family members whose needs get met. Whose needs are first to go when schedules get demanding? Ours. Truth is, we tell ourselves things like, who will know if I don’t meet this timeline, get focused, take this action? My answer? YOU will know. And it will gnaw at you, it will not go away until you act like it matters. Truth is, most of us are poor shepherds of our own needs.

Sound like you? 

If you are not getting results you want, learn how to get out of your own way and stop believing you should be able to go it alone. Find a friend, colleague or coach and get accountability to do what you say you will.

So, there you have it.

Make happy moments visible in your workspace.

Make happy moments visible in your workspace.

You can remember family barbeques and summer sunsets. And, you can pivot to a new season with a sense of renewed purpose and vigor.

Just don’t forget to pack your sense of curiosity, engagement, and adventure!

What challenges do you face switching into new season mode? Do you fall into these traps or something else? Do tell…I love to hear from you.

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