You Can Optimize Business Productivity With Lessons Learned From Vacation

Add beauty to your business spaces

Add beauty to your business spaces

It’s uncanny and unexpected where you pull life lessons from, isn’t it?

For me, it’s often when I’m traveling. All five senses firing, I’ll find inspiration between one step, one bite, one photograph, and the next. Recently, I’ve noticed irresistible parallels while traveling that can be applied to running a small business. You’ll be surprised at the connections.

One hallmark of a memorable vacation is the sense that you don’t want it to end.

It’s said that you can’t take it with you. I disagree.

What if you could take some of the best qualities of your vacation with you? For real? Wonder what would that be like?

Think about how much gets left behind…on the lake dock, pebbled trail or sandy beach. All the anticipation, energy and fullness on vacation that quickly deflates upon return. Like a punctured balloon. Consider this: leaving the vacation on location is like leaving the best parts of you behind.

We’re going to explore how to reclaim the vacation spirit and carry that momentum into your every day.

How To Optimize Business Productivity

So, here are 5 ways to supercharge how you approach your everyday and optimize business performance to keep boredom and routine results at bay.

1. Ditch the Familiar.

For me, little comes close to engaging in a lifestyle that’s possible among tree-lined mountains, crystal-clear water and robin-blue sky. Much as I enjoy my home office and coaching office, I find that I’m most effective at designing-fueling-focusing on my big vision of what matters most when I take breaks, which for me, often means a run or hike in nature, and working in unfamiliar spaces.

Leading True Action Tip: What is it about a vacation setting that calls to you? Art galleries, city tripping, swimming, long walks? Or something else? Take a moment…consider how you will commit to get out from behind your desk. What about it is important for you and how could it benefit others?

2. Fearlessly engage with novelty, rigor and exertion.

Fly fishing invites exertion, uncertainty and wonder

Fly fishing invites exertion, uncertainty and wonder

One aspect I love about travel is the tension that novelty creates. Uncertainty, the things that scare me as well as delight me. Rigor will be different for each of us. For example, slowing down is a challenge for me. I find fly fishing to be challenging, with it’s qualities of slow surrender and uncertain results.

Leading True Action Tip: What novelty, rigor or exertion are you keeping yourself from? How can you engage with what you’ve been resisting and what’s important about it?

3. Seek Inspiring Company.

It was energizing to be in the company of people from around the world who shared our passion for the land and what it had to offer. End of each day, we’d talk with others of all ages who had gone about their own activities. We inspired, admired and encourage one another. We sought out those who had gone before, whose experiences could inform us, and those who we might inform. It is empowering to be witnessed for what we do, and stretched ourselves and others into what we can do next.

Leading True Action Tip: Who are you keeping company with? Are they people who inspire and encourage you to grow? If not, who could you add to your support network?

4. Invoke gratitude.

Cue your brightest qualities at work

Cue your brightest qualities at work

When I’m on vacation in nature, appreciation abounds. No need to dig deep. There’s nature’s enormous generosity, a lifeline for spiritual and energetic connection. There’s my husband, engaging and enjoying our vigorous pursuits by my side.

It’s easy to lose sight of what and who we’re grateful for once we’re back at the day to day. The good news is that regardless of where we are, cultivating gratitude each day is an accessible and priceless daily practice.

Leading True Action Tip: Keep a gratitude journal and write 3-5 things you’re grateful for at the end of each day.

5. Celebrate Achievement.

After hours of hiking and exertion at high elevations, we paused to recognize and enjoy where our day’s journey took us. We pressed pause with a glass of wine, a skewer of s’mores, a spa experience, a balcony seat for mountain sunset. While on vacation, away from daily distractions, we often find it easier to slow down, acknowledge what’s good, complete, and treat ourselves with kindness. With fewer demands in sight, we keep going although the hike is hard. Or despite all odds, we bring family together. Maybe we let go without struggle when things don’t go as planned. Fortunately, once back in the saddle of day-to-day, we can transfer and practice recognizing and celebrating our process and achievement.

Leading True Action Tip: In everyday life, it’s tempting to work hard, achieve milestones, then sprint off immediately in pursuit of the next goal. Stop to notice what you have achieve (size doesn’t matter!) and how. Reward yourself for the vision and commitment it took to get you there.

I believe your most valuable qualities are those that come naturally to you. They may be buried at the bottom of a backpack in the back of a closet. But they do exist.

I urge you to join me. Don’t leave your best qualities on vacation.

Review the list of 5 again. Choose one area that tweaks your curiosity and commit to energize your efforts back at the office and in your life. And tell me what you notice, I’d love to know.

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