Leading True Success Method: Glow


If you have completed (12) sessions or more with me and you’d like to extend your radiant impact with powerful questions, acknowledgement and motivation from time to time, this package is for you.



(3) Thirty-Minute Sessions to use whenever you like (discuss an important decision, check in, be held accountable).


Or, (3) Fifty-Minute Sessions to use whenever you like (discuss an important decision, check in, be held accountable).

Leading True is my signature process that reveals the foundation of what makes you come alive, inspires the powerful integration of your career and lifestyle, and celebrates your ability to take action in service of your higher purpose.

Coaching with Gail gave me the opportunity to be courageous enough to discover that I have the ability to create a career opportunity that aligns with my core values. The safe and supportive environment allowed me to discover what was holding me back from taking action and what I truly wanted (and deserved) in a career at this point in my life. I am in a really, really good place….and you, Gail, are a big, big part of that. – Jeff W.

I invite you to schedule a free strategy session to see if we're a good fit.

It’s a chance to address any questions you have about working together. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas, a mini field assignment and are under no obligation.


How do you know if coaching with me will work? That’s a valid question. I’m a highly trained, experienced coach and have been guiding high-achieving service industry leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs to experience “success on their terms” for a long time. Once we greenlight our partnership, I take all the risk! With utmost confidence and integrity, I extend to you GG’s Happiness Guarantee:

I guarantee if you show up motivated, with an open mind and heart, and do all the customized field assignments, you will have the tools you need to activate accelerated decision-making to identify and reach your stated goals. If you hit your mark ahead of schedule or are not satisfied with a session, all you need to do is tell me by email within 48 hours of your session and your investment will be happily refunded.