new year resolutionsWelcome to my favorite year-end tradition! This is my fourth year posting about the popular December ritual of choosing ONE WORD to create more clarity, balance and growth in the year ahead.

Choosing your word of the year is an empowering alternative to making (and breaking) New Year resolutions. Research shows that resolutions are largely ineffective for making positive, sustainable change. Twenty five percent of people break resolutions within one week and sixty five percent break them within weeks. If you find yourself making and breaking resolutions, consider selecting a word of the year to embrace a larger vision that feels expansive and possible.

Honoring the Call to Shift

Are you looking to make a shift or different impact in 2016? Are you feeling a tug to be more authentically you in business and in life? Remember, tugs (be they whispers, shouts or something in between) are your soul’s longings asking you to listen and grow in the direction of your yearning.

Use your word of the year to bypass the temptation to settle for keeping up with others, when you are best served by building up yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I find that when I soften (versus toughen) my approach to goal setting and keep a “signpost” (ie, Word of the Year) for what I want to achieve in sight, I often arrive at the goal in less time and with less resistance.

One of the biggest challenges in life is to move from wishing and speaking about what we dearly want to actually seeing it through. Selecting a Word of the Year will help keep you focused on calling forth qualities that have meaning for you.

Whether you’ve participated before or not, I hope you’ll join in this time.

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I select ONE WORD to anchor my attention and to pull me forward.

My word of the year tends to “find me” more than “I find it.” Allow me to explain. I share my process as one way to begin.

I begin with pause, reflection and soft focus. I purposefully engage in spacious activities to take me out of my head and into my heart. I may draw on an easel, hike in nature, play music, meditate, run, take photographs.  I want to beckon, not muscle, the word to show itself.

By setting aside time and space to discover, it’s easier to identify what may seem elusive, but is actually accessible and meaningful. Resistance to change lightens and inclination to keep engaging beckons when we are able to keep focus on the bigger vision of what is important.

To get started, you may want set time aside to wander in one of the ways mentioned above or explore other pathways you enjoy. Perhaps you doodle words or images on paper that reflect a state of being you’d like to experience more often. Imagine your one word as “code” for what will allow you to show up bigger in your life. Try out your word of the year. How does the word sound? How does it feel when you write it?  Can you envision growing into this word throughout the year and being better for it?

Of the words that come to you, choose one highly resonant word as a signpost. There is no right or wrong answer and other words, phrases or images can support the one word.

Fortify Your ONE WORD With Visibility, Repetition And Accountability.

The word you choose will have layers of meaning for you. Others may think they understand but your perception and desire to manifest it is highly nuanced and personal.

Perhaps you already know your word. Writing it down and posting it where you see it will lead to “living into your word” with greater access, repetition and success. You may want to find an accountability or coach to stay true to “your word.”

My ONE WORD for this year is “ACTIVATE.”

Why did I choose this word? I aspire and commit in the coming year to bring projects to life more swiftly, playfully and visibly. There have been times in previous years when my ONE WORD has been artful or nourishing. But these times, for me, require FIRE, STRENGTH AND VISIBLE EXPRESSION. This translates into ACTIVATING what I know, believe, and yearn to release in the world.

What ONE WORD would move YOUR STORY forward in a way that feels authentic, passionate and true?

Once you have your word, use it to help navigate the year ahead. Apply it to your Year-End Assessment and to create a Business or Personal Plan for 2016.

You’ll likely feel more spacious, confident and courageous as you go about making decisions.

If 2015 was a tough year for you, I believe that whatever you witnessed or experienced has the capacity to make you wiser, more compassionate and connected to yourself and others. I appreciate all that you’ve been through.

Whether you’re going for big changes in 2016 or you’re looking for small adjustments, pick a word that inspires and resonates with you. If you’d like guidance choosing or taking a stand for your ONE WORD in the coming year, I can help. Talk with me about joining a local IN PERSON or a VIRTUAL Innovative Careerist Workshop starting after the New Year. Space is very limited and workshops fill quickly.

An initial conversation is my gift to you, so if moving forward with more clarity, confidence and joy speaks to you, go ahead and schedule your conversation now.


What is your ONE WORD for 2016? Name it on the Facebook Page or in the comments.

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