New Here? Frequently Asked Questions People Have About Coaching

What are the key benefits of coaching?

Coaching is different for each person, although clients reveal commonalities in their experiences. As a result of coaching, my clients say they experience more:

  • core confidence, energy and courage to move past distraction and self-imposed limitations
  • alignment, freedom and fullness in their business, career, and personal life
  • resilience and ability to define and achieve success on their own terms
  • progress faster, more purposeful and enjoyable than they could achieve alone

Who do I work with?

I expertly guide experienced service professionals to identify and launch into their unique and purposeful “what’s next.”

I work with executives, middle management, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, physicians, scientists, attorneys, association directors, marketers, artists, and others. My clients often share qualities in common. They are smart, kind, highly motivated to make positive change, aspire to lead from their values and strengths, engage in a stimulating or bigger way. They have fire in the belly. They call me for coaching because they are experiencing one or more of the following: the ache of indecision, inaction, isolation, loss of focus, and/or dispirited.

A gap exists between where they are now and where they want to be. They seek expanded perspective, renewed confidence and courage, meaningful choices, collaboration, accountability and non-judgemental support to successfully navigate career change.

What distinguishes my coaching approach from others?

I am a highly trained, experienced Certified Coach. My background highlights a trio of rigorous academic credentials: BA in Psychology, MA in Human Resources Development/Management Consulting and Certification from the International Coaching Federation.

I am an avid reader and life long learner, well versed in behavioral science, emotional intelligence, philosophy, literature. I’ve worked to improve performance in a wide array of settings with CEO’s to line workers. Work experience prior to becoming a coach includes training and management consulting, career services, and corporate wellness. As a leader and change agent, I am masterful at helping to clarify, create and connect inner and outer resources to help individuals and organizations make purposeful change.

Another distinction is my coaching practice is nearly 100% referral based – from clients, therapists, other coaches, consultants, and physicians. I am deeply grateful for that trust. People I coach enjoy generous support and energizing results at work and in life.

Clients often say it is if I shine a bright light on a vital part of them that’s been denied or buried, for years, as we craft new ways to recognize, leverage and value their unique skills and passion.

I am also committed to giving back, sharing success strategies for alignment and prosperity during challenging times. I reserve space on my schedule to give back to the community, the under-served and to mentor young women.

How are goals achieved through coaching?

My unique signature program, Leading True, is the inspired evolution of all that I know about moving from indecision to clarity, from struggle to ease. Through our work together, we create conditions where your work flows more organically, flexibly and positively. We will elevate ordinary conditions so they become dynamic instead of stale. In other words, we craft a favorable framework for you to produce your best work and to profit from the inside out.

Coaching creates a safe place to separate from the noise…a place to hear yourself think, to identify and break down challenges into manageable parts, to breathe new vitality into your life and the lives of others. We jump in right away to identify objectives, clear away stumbling blocks and create favorable conditions to achieve specific results.

Many people try to reach new results with outdated methods or hold onto beliefs that make achievement improbable at best, impossible at worst. Many people aspire in isolation.

With access to powerful assessments, resources and strategies, you will create and attract unprecedented opportunities for yourself and others with increased self-knowledge, courage and confidence. You will find yourself supported every step of the way.

How does coaching take place?

Coaching is provided by phone, zoom or skype videoconference, and in person. All means of communication are highly effective in bringing about desired change. In partnership, we manage self-doubt and remove obstacles to create an irresistible action plan with accountability. This leads to deepened commitment and momentum for achievable, sustainable results.

How long does it take to see results from coaching?

My Leading True Packages are designed for how long it takes to bring about meaningful, sustainable change. Clients report a shift from the first conversation. Sustainable change happens with practice, over time. Some people reach objectives in 6 sessions or less. Others are with me a year or more. Many complete what they came for in 10-18 sessions.

Coaching packages are thoughtfully designed to suit your needs and your budget. To build momentum from the start, many people meet with me every week and then move to every other or every third week. My goal is to help each client clarify and reach their objectives in the shortest amount of time possible and to reacquaint each one with empowering energy, confidence, and courage to stretch themselves more than they could on their own.

My Happiness Guarantee: Zero-Risk

I am so confidant that you will find value in coaching with me that I provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your session. If you show up, complete field assignments, and tell me within 48 hours of the session, you get your money back. No questions asked. If you are motivated to take action, make unprecedented growth in your business and in your life, I take all the risk. I am here for you.

What about confidentiality?

Everything we talk about is absolutely, positively confidential.

Have a change that you want to make with less struggle, more ease? I’d love to hear.

I invite you to schedule a free strategy session to see if we're a good fit.

It’s a chance to address any questions you have about working together. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas, a mini field assignment and are under no obligation.


How do you know if coaching with me will work? That’s a valid question. I’m a highly trained, experienced coach and have been guiding high-achieving service industry leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs to experience “success on their terms” for a long time. Once we greenlight our partnership, I take all the risk! With utmost confidence and integrity, I extend to you GG’s Happiness Guarantee:

I guarantee if you show up motivated, with an open mind and heart, and do all the customized field assignments, you will have the tools you need to activate accelerated decision-making to identify and reach your stated goals. If you hit your mark ahead of schedule or are not satisfied with a session, all you need to do is tell me by email within 48 hours of your session and your investment will be happily refunded.