Epic Exec VIP Day

A whole day devoted to you and your what’s next career decisions. Perfect for those who want an in-depth, accelerated approach that results in intentional, stretch decisions for leading-your-way with greater impact and fulfillment.

Epic Exec is offered in-person, as a virtual experience over the Zoom conference platform, or by phone.

Epic Exec provides a dynamic, enjoyable and safe way to step away from existing work responsibilities and discover a fresh, resonant direction. We will zoom to define what you want now and explore how take your leadership skills to the next level. 

You will get expert, focused and compassionate support to move out what’s familiar (most have been in their positions anywhere from 10 to 36 years) that now lacks luster, stimulation or promise. Plenty of quick-access to me, feet-to-the-fire challenges and accountability to sprint past perceived limitations, set invigorating priorities and take consistent action steps.

In Epic Exec, I will show you how to own your geniusexpress authentically who you are though purposeful work that aligns with the life you want to live.

You’ll receive access to powerful assessments, exclusive templates and favorite tools to help you to be a person who evolves to live your dream at any age or stage. Want to learn more?

Complete the contact form and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours if there’s a spot available and you might be a good fit. Or leave me a detailed message 703-819-6794.



Coaching Prep Packet (includes Breakthrough Questions to spark powerful insights)


A pre-Session call to ensure we design exactly what you need


Powerful Assessment Tool - completed in advance and selected just for you. Includes extensive summary and recommendations to leverage next steps


Foundation, Assessment, Planning, Rest and Reflection Modules


Access to my extensive resource vault and referral network


A check-in call to follow up on VIP day (questions, accountability)


Plus, if virtual, a recording of our session and a surprise gift


Plus, if in-person, a delicious lunch and snacks through the day

At the end of the VIP Day, we’ll assess where you are, celebrate measurable results reflecting your efforts, and decide where to go from there. You may choose to complete, extend or go with a 3-Pack of 30-minute sessions.

Contact me to see if this VIP day is right for you.

Feel Vital and Engaged Again. Leave behind old stories and limitations about what is possible for you. You will discover how to overcome obstacles, put positive foundational practices in place, and leverage authentic strengths to move towards your irresistible next-stage calling.

Leading True is my signature process that reveals the foundation of what makes you come alive, inspires the powerful integration of your career and lifestyle, and celebrates your ability to take action in service of your higher purpose.

Trust in the coach and coaching relationship is key: I have some clients who hit their mark in three sessions and others who renew their package because of the ongoing value and support they receive. I guide each person to the package that’s the right fit for them.

My number one priority is to guide you to flourish in business and life in a way that feels true, in exquisite alignment with your nature, talents and vision. I am a highly trained, experienced and passionate coach who cultivates and inspires accelerated achievement in others with a warm, spirited style that generates more joy, freedom and fulfillment.

Coaching might be just what you need.

The expertise and accountability of coaching might be just what you need to move forward in your career.

The first step is to schedule a free consultation where we talk for about 30 minutes and you tell me what’s going on and how I might be able to help. To get set up, send me an email. We’ll talk about what you want and how to jumpstart action with next steps.

Gail helped me develop a clear vision of what I was looking for during an especially difficult time. Working with her renewed my confidence to pursue a major position that ultimately I was offered and accepted. Her insight, experience, and knowledge was and is invaluable in sorting through the clutter that takes over our lives to see what is possible. Gail makes you feel that she is in the moment with you as you are experiencing it – making her a partner as well as a guide. I highly recommend Gail as not just a career coach, but as a life coach. She put new meaning into how iDecide! – June F.

I invite you to schedule a free strategy session to see if we're a good fit.

It’s a chance to address any questions you have about working together. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas, a mini field assignment and are under no obligation.


How do you know if coaching with me will work? That’s a valid question. I’m a highly trained, experienced coach and have been guiding high-achieving service industry leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs to experience “success on their terms” for a long time. Once we greenlight our partnership, I take all the risk! With utmost confidence and integrity, I extend to you GG’s Happiness Guarantee:

I guarantee if you show up motivated, with an open mind and heart, and do all the customized field assignments, you will have the tools you need to activate accelerated decision-making to identify and reach your stated goals. If you hit your mark ahead of schedule or are not satisfied with a session, all you need to do is tell me by email within 48 hours of your session and your investment will be happily refunded.