Do you remember how you approached challenges in your 20’s?

How would it compare to how you approach challenges now?

It is well known that as we grow up, many of us see more limitations and are open to taking fewer risks.

Pema Chodron said, “Openness doesn’t come from resisting our fears but rather from getting to know them well.”

What we fear has everything to do with what we don’t pursue. When we acknowledge where our fear lives, it opens the door to making peace with what’s uncomfortable and making changes that serve us better.

I came across this graphic and knew immediately that it had a place in this newsletter.

Even deeper self-knowledge can be gleaned from the visual and so I invite you to take it a step further.

Ready to play?

Copy the graphic. Then, ask yourself for each circle: How open am I?

With Love? With Change? etc.

Assign each circle a number from 1-10 (10 being the most open). It will pinpoint where fear and other limiting beliefs may be holding you back from playing big at work and in life. Tell me, what gets revealed in the exercise?

Visual Design Credit: DeAndrePage

Visual Design Credit: DeAndrePage

GG’s Favorites

What I’m Reading: Visit my 2022 bookshelf, add books to your to-be-read list and share.
My top picks are starred. I’m more than halfway to my goal of 50 books by year-end and am blown away by the quality, quantity and diversity of authors and new books available.

What I’m Listening to: The Good Life with Jonathan Fields Inspirational, unfiltered interviews with names you know and names you will want to know.

What I’m watching: Interspersed with new series, we are enjoying some older shows that were missed first time around, including Madame Secretary and Arrested Development.  (I know. Must have been living in a cave. But they are so refreshing now.)

Quote I’m pondering: “Keeping the habit alive is a powerful act. It’s easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. It’s easier to keep a house clean than to get it clean. Many days it may feel like you are treading water, but maintaining your progress saves your future self a great deal of work.” -James Clear

Swipe These Two Leading True Tips

Choose a powerful question to guide your 4th quarter actions. One yellow sticky-note that’s up where I can see it, for years, is still a driver for me: How does this choice enlarge or diminish me?  (Does it speak to you too? Borrow it or choose another).

Do less and do it well. I have been known to give my clients’ a fieldwork assignment to cut their to-do list–in HALF. At first, they gasp. Then they get ruthless, slash their list, and find more time, more focus and more completion. (I’m curious. If you take this on this challenge, tell me what changes for you).

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Check In: One Powerful Question

What kind of support would be most helpful to you right now? Name it to claim it.

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