A Vision Board (or Creativity Collage) can take different forms. The most common is using posterboard to paste or collage images that you’ve torn out from various magazines. The images can be very specific or they can be images that evoke a feeling – like a picture of a woman arranging wildflowers that makes you feel deeply creative and one with nature.

Vision Boards add clarity to your desires and feeling to your visions. They help you grow into your vision of who you want to BE. Expressing yourself in this way will take you way beyond your thoughts. It will inspire you to take focused actions. When you keep your vision board in a visible spot, you are reminded of WHY you choose certain behaviors and powerful. patterns to match your TRUE DESIRES. Focused attention is powerful.

My Favorite Ingredients for Creating a Vision Board


Target and drug stores sell a nice matte finish board. Choose the color that appeals to you.

A big stack of magazines.

If you’re like me, you have stacks of favorite magazines lying around in storage that you haven’t been willing to part with (yet). You can also get old magazines from friends, libraries, your exercise club, hair salons…you get the idea. The important thing is that you get magazines of various types, not just what you’re used to reading. You never know what words and images will appeal to you!

When I conduct vision board workshops, I like to have an array of themed magazines on hand, including Lifestyle (Yoga Journal, “O”, MORE, Runners), Food (Bon Appetite, Food and Wine), Business (Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company), and Travel (National Geographic, Travel & Leisure).

Scissors & Sticky Stuff

You can use whatever you have on hand but in my experience, good old elementary school paste works best. Other forms of glue will do the job on some level glue but here’s the thing: Elmer’s glue will not adhere smoothly and glue sticks tend to un-adhere over time.


I put on music whenever I do a Vision Board or workshop. Some years I play a mix of soft acoustic on Pandora or Spotify. This year I chose music with lyrics I could sing to. Put on whatever supports your creative spirit in the moment.

Get Clear

Before crafting a vision board, I always recommend taking the time to get quiet and set up the surrounding environment.

Sit quietly. Play some great music. Light some incense or a candle. And set an intention to tune in to what you want. Perhaps a color, a memory, a song, a word or words will surface. Let them come alive to inform your experience.

If you’d like some support tuning in to you, here’s a post from my newsletter archive, Meditations Coaches Love https://bit.ly/1v1C4wi .

Get Started

Once you’ve cleared your mind, set up your space, selected your time, you’re ready to begin. Cut out words and images that resonate with you and arrange on the poster board without paste first. Then arrange, rearrange and paste. There is no right or wrong way, only YOUR way of selecting and arranging the images. You may want to add your own words or drawings with markers. My favorite markers are Mr. Sketch (scented!).

When it’s complete, resist any urge to “store” your Vision Board. Hang it up where you can see it. You may want to take a photograph of it and use it as “wallpaper” on your devices. Keeping it in view will remind you of where you’re heading and help direct actions needed for manifesting your vision.

Have fun!

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