Be a Masterful Change Agent: Mind the Gap

mind the gapCan you recall a time when you visited someplace for the first time?

Chances are, you couldn’t wait to get up and greet the day. You may have experienced a tingly sense of fiery energy in anticipation of the unknown.

We will contrast this with what happens when we think about making changes in everyday life.

First, a travel story.

My husband and I visited London for the first time recently.

As someone who reveres words, it was striking to be in another English speaking country, yet experience brand new words and new uses for old words.

Some examples: The word bespoke is applied everywhere, from bespoke haircuts to tea. I had to look up its definition, which is “made to individual order.” And the word sorry tumbles off the tongue with great frequency. It appears as if the Brits apologize for “their bad” and mine.

My favorite British expression, hands-down, is Mind the Gap.

westminster stationMind the Gap is broadcast on the speaker systems before every Tube station stop. It’s posted on signs above every train door. It’s painted on the railway platform as you step off the train.  Mind you, unlike with the metro in Washington, D.C., the actual distance between the train and the platform was very small. The expression got hold of me. My imagination was off and running with the power and potential of these three little words, only ten letters in all.

What does this mean, Mind the Gap? My interpretation is to make a conscious effort to be present and be responsible for taking the step from where you are (on the train) to where you want to go (the platform).

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And why does Mind the Gap matter?

Your brain is a drama queen.

Think about it. What happened the last time you told yourself you wanted to make a change from something familiar – a driving route, a relationship, a job, a piece of furniture – to something as yet unknown?

Your brain makes a ruckus. It’s enough to shut the station down.

It’s been my experience that the brain would much rather worry about the future or ruminate on the past than be present.

Want to outsmart your brain?

The brain will rant, quite persuasively, that the gap between what you’ve been doing and what you want to do is GINORMOUS. Sometimes this may be the case but 99 percent of the time, it is simply not so.

Give your brain something time and scope limited to tackle.

Step off the train. The train is so very good at getting you from one station to the next, but would you consider staying on to the end of the line because you were afraid to take the little step off at your station stop?  The next step is often smaller than it appears.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing.

There are those who would rather stick with the job and lifestyle circumstances they’re in because the tracks are familiar. There are business owners who would rather continue to operate as they have been for years. By minding the gap, even just a little, you’ll be amazed at what you and your business can do that was just beyond your comfort zone.

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Three simple words: Mind The Gap

The best way I know to grow is to spice up your experience with something new. It might be taking a vacation or varying your route to work.

Remember, when you know how to mind the gap, you have the power grow in ways you can’t possibly imagine…yet.

How would the Mind the Gap perspective help you stretch out of a comfort zone? Tell us in the comments below!

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