Light Up Your Big Dream. Find Your Word of The Year.

Welcome to a favorite year-end tradition. Discovering a Word of the Year is for those who find New Year’s Resolutions to be short-lived or restrictive. It’s a way to usher in what is meaningful to you in the coming year.

Sound to simple to be effective?

Here’s a message from a client, one of many messages I receive in response to this post, “I tend to get distracted and into the weeds with things that don’t matter so much. I credit my Word of the Year for keeping me on track and focused on my dream.”

Whether you’ve participated before or not, I hope you’ll join in this time.

Choosing your word of the year is an empowering alternative to making (and breaking) New Year resolutions. Research shows that resolutions are ineffective for making positive, sustainable change. In contrast, selecting a word to embody a quality feels expansive. Possible.

I don’t know about you, but I find that when I soften (versus toughen) my approach to goal setting and keep a “signpost” for what I want to achieve in sight, I often reach the goal in less time and with less resistance.

One of the biggest challenges we face in life is to move from wishing and speaking about what we truly want to actually seeing it through.

Selecting your Word of the Year will help you improve upon qualities that have meaning for you and cultivate the devotion to see your goals through.

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I choose my Word of the Year to anchor my attention and to pull me forward.

I share my process as one way to begin.

My Word of the Year tends to “find me” more than I find it. Allow me to explain.

I begin with pause, reflection and focus. I purposefully engage in spacious activities to take me out of my head and into my heart. I may draw, walk or run in the park, play music, meditate, take photographs.  I want to beckon, not muscle the word to show itself.

By allowing time and space to discover, we better identify what may seem elusive, but is actually accessible and meaningful to us. Resistance softens, inclination to be in-action beckons, when we are able to keep our focus on the larger vision of what is important.

Get started by connecting with yourself.

To get started, you may want set time aside to connect with yourself in one of the ways mentioned above or another way that works for you. Perhaps you choose to doodle words or images on paper that reflect an aspirational state of being and doing for you.  Imagine your word as an infusion of elements that validate and expand who you are. Paint. Sing. Dance. How does the word sound? How does it feel when you write it?  Can you imagine growing into this word throughout the year and being better for it?

Of the words that come to you, choose one (or two) highly resonant words as a signpost. There is no right or wrong answer and other words can support the one word.

Next, fortify your Word of the Year. Keep it visible.

The word you choose will have layers of meaning. For you. Others may think they understand but your perception and desire to manifest it is highly nuanced and personal.

Perhaps you already know your word. Writing it down, posting it where you see it, and getting accountability will help it stick, makes it more likely to be accessed and expressed.

My Word for 2018 is “Let-Go.”

Why did I choose this word? I aspire and commit, in the coming year to let go of things, activities, stories, and ideas that no longer serve me. With more efficiency and prioritization, less attachment. I believe that letting go with less fuss, more intention will provide more space to focus on what’s truly most important in the coming year.

Whether you’re looking to make some big changes in 2018 or you’re going for some tweaking, pick a word that inspires and resonates.

Once you have your word, use it to navigate all aspects of your life. Use it to help empower your Year-End Assessment, interactions with family over the holidays, collaborations, projects, new business possibilities, what you’ll say yes and no to in the coming year.

If 2017 was a tough year for you, as it’s been for many of us, I believe that whatever you witnessed or experienced has the capacity to make you wiser, more compassionate and connected to yourself and others. I appreciate all that you’ve been through.

Honoring the Call to Shift

It’s tempting to temper the call to to change things up from how they’ve been. To doubt, hesitate, question or deny the call to shift.

Callings don’t shout. They come around as a breeze or a whisper.

I encourage you to explore what lies beyond the doubt, endurance and status quo. Think of your One Word as a calling-catcher.


If you are choosing ONE WORD to pull you forward in 2018, what is it? Tell us on the Facebook Page or in the comments below.

If you have used a word-of-the-year in the past, what was your experience?


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