Finding Purpose and Courage

I’m incredibly fortunate. I do work I truly love. I empower others to transform their lives from within, guide them through pivotal decisions at their crossroads, and witness special and spectacular breakthroughs. I’ve helped hundreds of people move through the muddy middle of dissatisfaction, fear and uncertainty to a place where they lead with compassion, confidence and success.

Are you watching other people take your risks?

Despite having what we would call “successful” careers in organizational consulting, career development and wellness, by the time I was in my 40’s I felt stuck. Like so many of my clients, I experienced a powerful need to express myself more authentically through my work. I found it very hard not to notice all the others who seemed to be able to hold the reins, take the risks, do it all. And I knew others looked to me as someone who had it all together. Yet each time I considered a change, I either felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, or I believed it was too late for me to change anything (much less EVERYTHING!).

Asking the question doesn’t give you the answer.

When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2007 I came face-to-face with a most powerful question, “Is this what I want to be to doing if I were to die tomorrow?” It got my attention, but I still had no idea what that meant or how I would step up. I’m a hungry lifelong learner and after my treatments, I enrolled in a spirituality class. One of the other attendees invited me for coffee and during the conversation I learned that she was a coach. We talked and talked, and I was hooked. That afternoon I signed up for classes and certification from the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Within months, I was living my legacy, beautifully aligning all that I am.

Now I specialize in supporting high-achievers to take make a courageous shift mid-career. My clients–men and women–come to me from recognized roles in consulting, financial, coaching, medical, legal, and creative fields – they emerge as empowering leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches and consultants in a way that feels true and yields unprecedented gains quickly.

My signature process, Leading True, empowers my clients to navigate business building and career changes with a fulfilling lifestyle outcome in mind—not the other way around.

Leading True is the iDecide signature process that reveals the foundation of what makes you come alive, inspires the powerful integration of your career and lifestyle, and celebrates your ability to take purposeful action in service of your higher purpose.

Ready to find the path to fulfilling work? Let’s take the next step together!

A Trio of Rigorous Credentials

A trio of rigorous degrees and certifications distinguish Gail educationally in the professional coaching arena. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Ithaca College, a Masters Degree in Education/Human Resources from The George Washington University, and Professional Certifications from both The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and International Coach Federation (ICF).

Gail has been recognized for her contributions to individual and group coaching, career, organizational and leadership development. She’s worked as Organizational Development Consultant, Corporate Wellness Manager and Trainer, University Career Services Employer Recruiter, Development Chair, and has performed executive assessments and consultations with leaders in corporations and non-profits.

Gail’s gifts and skills have developed through many different work experiences – her career took her from boardroom and middle management to the factory floor, to the inner-sanctum of a broad range of corporate and non-profit organizations. She has worked as an Organizational Development Consultant, Wellness Marketing Manager, prominent university career-center recruiter, fund raiser, and strategic leader in companies and non-profits both large and small. Which means Gail has been exposed to countless work environments, office personalities and leadership styles.

In addition to offering private coaching, workshops and courses, Gail pens the Blog and e-Newsletter to provide actionable tips and inspirational stories for those who want meaningful successful in business without sacrificing a fulfilling life.

When she isn’t guiding others to identify and amplify their inner leader, Gail values time with her husband (they met on a double blind date), two amazing young adult children and treasured friends. She indulges passions for photography, nature, fitness (including running, hiking with the family dog, and yoga), travel and reading. She’s incredibly fond of British “period films,” dark chocolate and wielding a whisk at a moment’s notice.

It is both possible and optimal, to reinvent ourselves with a renewed sense of purpose, courage and adventure at any stage in life. I did it. So can you!

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