iDecide Coaching began in 2011 because two people with a passion for helping people to get out of their own way to live their best life got together for coffee…

I sat on a wooden stool at Starbucks, across from someone who had been taking a course with me. She asked me to meet outside of class for coffee.

In short order, I learned that she was a coach. At the time, I was itching to find a fresh way to take a next step in my non-linear career.

In real-time, I noticed that was tuning in, leaning in, listening intently to every word, as she introduced me to coaching as a profession and her role in it.

My heart was racing with curiosity. I asked all kinds of questions. That afternoon, I made a few calls to coaching schools. I went with internationally acclaimed CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and signed up through certification to become a coach.

I began coaching clients and never looked back. It is the most fulfilling role I’ve ever had because of how it aligns with who I am and what I am passionate about.    I help clients to overcome the struggle to figure out who they are now and how to bring more of themselves to life and work. I help clients identify the power of their story, values and strengths – celebrate their visibility and impact.


Stories have power. The stories passed on to us. The stories we tell ourselves.

My mission is to help you (finally) tell your story and grow yourself and others in the way that is bold and true.

I give you the tools, support and belief to move into the version of you that brings joy, courage, relief, and freedom. I guide you to a place of curiosity and knowing, to make the contribution you ache to make, without sacrificing your values or income.

I invite you to schedule a free strategy session to see if we're a good fit.

It’s a chance to address any questions you have about working together. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas, a mini field assignment and are under no obligation.

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