Get the Most Out of Your Summer

This time of year, there is a version of a question that comes up regularly with coaching clients.

It goes something like this: I’ve recently started gaining traction on some previously elusive priorities. I’m worried. What if I let up during summer and it all disappears?

The fear is REAL.

Showing up day after day for our greater good requires courage, intention and fortitude to reach a level of sustainability.

Do we need to have summer freedom OR move the needle forward on our aspiration(s)?

How do we balance having kids at home, fewer scheduled activities, more social interactions– with our own desires?

I’m going to get this conversation started. I hope you’ll chime in the comments about what challenges you face in summertime and what helps you to keep your eyes on the prize behaviors you want to sustain.

6 Life Hacks To Keep Your Needs On Your Radar

1) Set up your ENVIRONMENT. What do you need to create inviting space for your efforts? A comfortable chair? A scented candle? Your favorite tunes? (Leading True Tip: Gift your senses). What kind of understanding for healthy boundaries needs to be communicated to family and friends? What kind of space will you create with technology during time you set aside?

2) Put YOU time on your scheduler. Whether it’s a walk, meditation, journaling, researching or pursuing new opportunities. Scheduling YOU time in the morning is okay, scheduling it the night before is best.

3) Create an INTENTIONS List. Want to see your favorite band? Go to a bog and pick berries? Write a screenplay? Play guitar or take an improv class? Zero in on what means the most and set out to do it. Following through on one thing is contagious; it sets you up for the next.

4) Envision to MANIFEST. Imagine that you’ve already shown up and completed the thing you’ve longed to do. How do you feel? Pin a photo, article or post-it note where you can see it. Seeing IS believing.

5) Chunk down expectations. Size and number don’t matter. Taking consistent action on what you prioritize does. Less is more.

6) Recognize and celebrate your efforts. Most of us run right over the things we’re doing well and that align with what we desire. Tell someone. Treat yourself to reinforce the behavior you would like to repeat. Celebrations play a large role in creating consistent, positive results.

You see, you can enjoy the freedom of summer, apply some focused intention AND develop a summer practice that serves you well.

I think about this a lot. I might have never known how much my book would mean to my family and readers if I did not show up day after day.

There’s no place that will make you feel better than showing up for yourself day after day.
There’s no better feeling than who you become once you’ve shown yourself what you are capable of.

How do you keep your mojo going in summer? What summertime hacks have worked for you? Which would you like to try? Please share in the comments.

GG’s June Favorites

What I’m watching: Hacks on HBO Max. The show is full of human foible, aspiration and it’s funny. Jean Smart and Hannah Einbiner (fun fact: her mother is Laraine Newman of SNL!) are a dynamic duo.

What I’m reading: The Woman They Could Not Silence by Kate Moore. A woman is banished to a mental hospital in the 1860’s by her husband. She courageously fights for her life and her journey sparked lasting change for women’s rights and challenged injustices that still resonate today.

What I’m listening to: The Unmistakable Creative Podcast with Srinivas Rao, Routines and Rituals. When distractions abound and motivation is low, habits are our friend.

What I’m Rethinking: Meditation. I recognized its benefits yet it’s something I shoulded myself to do consistently. I’ve discovered willingness to do a guided meditation almost daily. The breathing and quiet set me up with more focus and energy for the day. My app of choice is Insight Timer. I’ll be assembling a new version of the popular blog post Recommended Mediations Coaches Love soon­–but if you want to look around now, click the link for a list to take a look around.

What I’m Keeping within Reach: Weekend Getaway Travel Tips in the U.S.
You know, for when you wanna get away and can’t think of where to go.

Quote I’m Pondering:
“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes–including you.” – Anne Lamott.