The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Professional Coach

Up Your Game By Hiring A Professional Coach When we curl up with a good book, or binge-watch our favorite TV series, we have focus a-plenty. But what happens when we’re thinking or talking about making a significant change in our lives—OOH! Must wash the dishes, take...

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My 7 Favorite Inspirational Ted Talks

7 INSPIRATIONAL TED TALKS: REAL STORIES TO INSPIRE YOU THIS SUMMER Growing up in a small, insular town in central New Jersey, I learned at an early age that I would need exposure to big thinkers and doers to help me imagine possibilities that did not exist around me....

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Ideas for Grounding Yourself in Challenging Times

Finding Freedom in the Midst of Challenging Times Somewhere along the way I learned to avoid the things that scared me. Is this true for you, too? Sometimes they were little, little things. Other times they were big. These days, we find ourselves faced with a rushing...

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