Figure Out Your Next Career Move

Have You Fallen Fall Into This Trap? Ever set aside time to work on getting to the next stage of your career, only not to set aside the time to work on…moving to the next stage of your career?

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Indispensable Lessons in Self-Care for Life and Business

Allowing For Self-Care Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that sometimes we talk about workplace change, business practice and growth strategy. At other times, we consider foundational practices for well being. It is my...

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Best Commencement Speeches For Finding Inspiration

Time To Pause, Reflect and Take Stock I have zero recollection of who spoke at my college or graduate school graduations. Chances are you have no idea who spoke at yours either. I don’t chalk this up to “it was so many years ago.” I don’t remember remembering who gave...

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Finding the Real Essence of Authentic Career Discovery

Outing Career Change Obstacles Whether we are executive or emerging leaders, work in corporate, non-profit or are self-employed, there is a twin burning desire in many of us – to keep growing ourselves and make a difference in the lives of others. Yet heartstring tugs...

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How to Declutter Fast Using These 7 Easy Tips

Spring is a time when we are called to clean up the old and make room for the new. How will you heed the call? If you’ve felt lately that you’re overwhelmed, your to-do list is getting longer instead of shorter, and you can’t imagine getting a handle on clutter, I’m...

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3 Stunning Secrets to Becoming More Powerful

Becoming More Powerful and Finding Focus in the Face of Political Disruption “So many people live a life of fear insidiously bubbling under the surface...never powerful enough to cause them to change, but just deep enough to get them to stay where they are, paddling...

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