Find A New Book To Read!

Ready to Find a New Book to Read? I'm offering suggestions from my own reading list. I’m an avid reader and get comfort from the presence of books. I’m make a point to be surrounded by books in nearly every room in the house, keep stacks on my desk,...

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Taming Your Inner Critic – No One Is Immune

The Biggest Lie You Tell Yourself You’ve fallen into the trap. Talking to yourself in that snarky voice. What’s your crime? Something you said didn’t come out right. You overlooked something or someone. Didn’t get to a task you told yourself you would. POUNCE. The...

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Figure Out Your Next Career Move

Have You Fallen Fall Into This Trap? Ever set aside time to work on getting to the next stage of your career, only not to set aside the time to work on…moving to the next stage of your career?

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Indispensable Lessons in Self-Care for Life and Business

Allowing For Self-Care Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that sometimes we talk about workplace change, business practice and growth strategy. At other times, we consider foundational practices for well being. It is my...

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Best Commencement Speeches For Finding Inspiration

Time To Pause, Reflect and Take Stock I have zero recollection of who spoke at my college or graduate school graduations. Chances are you have no idea who spoke at yours either. I don’t chalk this up to “it was so many years ago.” I don’t remember remembering who gave...

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